International Association of Counselling Psychologists  aims to provide representation, support, and a sense of community for Counselling Psychologists. We are an independent representative body aiming to promote the professional interests of Counselling Psychologists and develop the profession of Counselling Psychology.  We do this by building and maintaining the connections between our colleagues as well as acting on issues of concern raised by our members.  By far the most important function we aim to serve is to provide a space for reflection between Counselling Psychologists as a wider group, improve the quality of counselling services provided to our clients and to stay updated with the latest trends as professionals.

Our Vision

The goal of the International Association of Counselling Psychologists  is to expand the public recognition of Counselling Psychologists as a specialized professional group in the field of psychology. The IACP aims to assist Counselling Psychologists to form strong networks and encourages creativity in the professional development of our members in their work.

Our Mission

Our central mission is to provide an independent body that represents the interests of both Counselling Psychologists and the people in our society who turn to us for guidance and therapy. The International Association of Counselling Psychologists  promotes the role of Counselling Psychologists as professional practitioners in the mental health field, in industry, and the wider community.

IACP Membership

Membership of the International Association of Counselling Psychologists  shall be open

  • To all therapists practicing either online or offline
  • To retired and unemployed therapists and to trainees
  • To like-minded organizations, which will be treated as equivalent to individuals; members of any such organizations will not be members of the Union unless they join individually

*Group ii) will pay a reduced subscription

Members of the group i) may also apply to pay a reduced subscription if their circumstances require it. The membership rates and the discounted amount are solely left to the discretion of the board of directors. The IACP policies don’t support transfer of membership for any reason commendable.

Student Membership

Student Membership is available for current students perusing studies in the field of counselling psychology from any accredited body for education.

Provisional Membership

Provisional Membership is available for all trainees who have completed accredited Counselling Psychology diploma, graduate, post graduate or doctoral degrees or allied certifications.

Provisional Membership

Professional membership is available for all fully registered Counselling Psychologists with a minimum work experience of 2 years and above.

Membership Benefits

Contact Us

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